Say (Farmstead) Cheese!

Farmstead Inc. is a gourmet cheese shop that sells cheeses local to New England, refers to its employees as “cheese mongers” and provides the East Side of providence with a bevy of delicate, delectable fromages.  Located in Wayland Square, it is worth a visit just to try the free samples.  It also has an adjoining restaurant that I hear is fantastic, La Laiterie.  For more information, check out

A representative monger visited my Politics of Food class just before spring break to do a cheese tasting.  Aside from eating so much cheese that I nearly induced lactose intolerance, I also learned that a farmstead cheese refers to cheese that is produced on the farm where the diary animals are also raised.

2 thoughts on “Say (Farmstead) Cheese!

  1. Just ate at La Laiterie the other night with Mom (since it’s right down the street from my house in Prov), hadn’t been in years. SO GOOD. Definitely worth it. Their “rustic biscuits” were out of this world. I took a photo of the German beer bottle they served me because it had a built in stopper, which was awesome. I will post it on FB at some point…
    – AMG

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