Wrist Ephemera

Today was rainy and dark, and I was dreaming of summer.  For whatever reason, I love the idea of the ephemeral, homemade summer bracelet.   Something that a friend made for you, but that isn’t intended to last forever.  You swim in the ocean with it, and the sun fades it as your skin darkens.  You usually tie it on, even though you know that at some point, you’ll have to cut it off, and you wear it as long into the winter as you can.

I was just listening to a little Scheherezade (first movement, also really digging Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez: II. Adagio)  as I made this and was inspired to use rich colors and hints of gold.  I thought a lot about the colors in oriental rugs.

This is my interpretation of a simple embroidery floss ‘friendship’ bracelet that has been given a little bit of sophistication.  We all had them as kids, but I wanted to make a piece that somehow transcended the made-at-summer-camp feel.

First off, I chose a complex palette of colors, which wasn’t hard to do.  In combing through the remains of my thread supply, most of the extant hues were darks, browns and neutrals, so I decided to embrace all those moody colors I used to avoid as a kid.  I also braided in some gold thread: it was a simple, cheap and expendable way to give the bracelet a rich, grown-up feel.  I immediately wanted to pair it with this brass cuff (going along with the scheherezade theme?), which I bought at a street festival in Provence called Perne Les Fontaines for 5 euros a few summers ago,  and other, ‘fancier’ pieces of mine.  I also want to be able to wear it with a dressy outfit (i love the idea of this duo with a fancy black maxi dress), so I added an enclosure; this means that I DON’T actually have to wear it in the shower and the ocean, which will keep it looking neat and the colors bright longer; the less ratty it looks, the more dressed up I’ll feel I can make it.

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