Some Art

RISD textile department installation/collection designs by my friend Lindsay (stay tuned for a post about the RISD apparel show, may 22)/Zack and Arlando’s final Hybrid Art installation/more textiles/Ana and Elijah’s final piece/Sara’s Canadian tuxedo at the ‘ticket booth’ outside our installation/Lindsay spooling her freshly died yarn/toilet art


Dear Fashionable Friends,

The Spanish clothing company Zara is a great place to find forward-thinking design at reasonable prices (especially on their sale racks). ¬†For whatever reason, Europeans are able to co-opt runway style in their mass-market labels at a much faster rate than any American stores do, so it is to them that I look when I want that trendy je ne sais quoi. ¬†Their style is much more sophisticated (and the clothes better made) than H&M, and they have more US stores than TOPSHOP, my other go-to european brand (who’s only 2 shops are both in NYC). ¬†Zara has great look-books on their website, but you have to check out their stores to buy. ¬†I love my leather jacket, which I found¬†after Christmas in New York, despite having to fight through heaps of discounted clothing and frenzied bargain-hunters to get it. ¬†Like any hip clothing store, I’m extremely choosy when I walk in (Leather shorts? ¬†Really?), and always water down the trendier things with classics, vintage hand-me-downs, and personal favorites so that I don’t look like a walking advertisement. ¬†Go to for stores. ¬†Unfortunately, the powers that be in Spain have not yet deemed Rhode Island a market worth their investment, however there are 4 in the state of Massachusetts.

Happy Styling!


Made With Love

These Bracelets, which come in a variety of colors and sizes, are made from recycled rubber by women in Djenn√©, Mali and are sold at fair trade prices. ¬†Bracelet sales also help raise money for L’Empire Des Enfants, a school for homeless children in Dakar, Senegal.

Buy them online at

Or, pick and choose your own set by shopping locally at Frog and Toad, Hope Street, Providence.  ($1 each)

I just picked out a set of blue ones and LOVE them! ¬†They make terrific gifts as well. ¬†Just beware, the sizes aren’t really standardized, and some of them are VERY small. ¬†Best to try them on individually.

The Made With Love Project seeks to empower women and children is Africa, Brazil and Haiti by selling indigenous, handmade products at fair trade prices to viable markets across the globe.  Find out more at


I was really inspired by the blazer that Arlando altered and posted on his blog,

It got me thinking about paint as a means for personalizing clothes, and I’ve been seeing it everywhere since! ¬†From accidental splatters on ‘studio’ pants to trompe-l’oeil studs on leather bags, I’ve just really been diggin’ wearable art this spring. ¬†I think I’m going to have to attack some of my clothes with a brush and some fabric paint one of these days…perhaps some white keds?

Arlando is wearing the sports coat here in the work-in-progress installation that he and Zack are doing for Hybrid art that features, what else?  Paint splatters.

And a few shots of everyone’s favorite paint-slinger in action… plus two people that I caught on the street, a printed pattern interpretation on the runway at BCBG Max Azria’s Spring 2010 RTW show (which looks more like brush strokes than paint splatters), and a beautiful hand painted vintage leather bag by VivienCheng on Etsy, $160: