Hi all, haven’t been blogging in a while, and all this RAIN made it incredibly hard to get street style shots before spring break began.  However, I’ve got a lot of exiting things in the works for Hope State Style, so look forward to:

-a selection of cool local shopping finds

-and a photoshoot of my new ETSY store’s first round of clothing!

Not sure what the store is named yet, but I will let you all know.  It is basically going to consist of AWESOME thrift store finds that I will sell on ETSY for a reasonable markup.  Even though I’m sure many of you enjoy sleuthing as much as I do, I figure there’s still a need for people like me who are willing to peruse every Salvation Army in the state of RI every week on family day (half priced clothes!) and drive to flea markets every weekend for the benefit of others (uh, and myself, of course.  I am hoping to make some money off this enterprise).

Keep checking back!



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