About Hope State Style

This is a blog about what I see.

It’s about all things style in Rhode Island (and beyond).

I’m an art student at Brown University and grew up in Newport and Providence.  I’m a gardener, painter, drawer, sculptor, a (very vernacular) photographer, a music junkie and a fashion fiend.

In response to the sudden bevy of ’street style’ blogs out there, I want to share the moments of great style, art, and craft that I come across with my camera.   As for the fashion I follow, I’m all about comfort and affordability.

Tommy Ton, I take my (hipster style beanie) hat off to you, and encourage readers to check out jakandjil.com for beautiful, high style street shots, but  I want this blog to be more appropriate for the average, busy, broke college student.   Not that I don’t occasionally wear heels or indulge in a label here or there, but mostly, consignment stores, Etsy.com and the Salvation Army are my calling.

Don’t be surprised to also find features on local retailers, restaurants and bars, style news, online cravings, updates on my art and garden,  and plugs for Michael Pollan here.  This blog is for all of you out there who like to shop (wisely), think creatively and appreciate the little things.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!



2 thoughts on “About Hope State Style

  1. Caroline!

    I haven’t talked to you since high school, but I will (without shame, or only a very small amount) admit that I found this blog via your facebook page. I love it! Your sense of style and affordability are what all of us college/fresh out and on our own women need :) Hope all is well!


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